TCOCC Club Membership

Interested in becoming a member of TCOCC?

Newcomers are invited to come to our training location and paddle with us on all regularly scheduled days. Notify TCOCC President, Laura Cusack, and a paddler will meet with you ½ hour prior to scheduled practice for orientation.  We will ask you to fill out a liability waiver, pay a small fee for temporary insurance and we will provide you with a paddle, instruction, and a fun day. You are welcome to paddle with us two or three times before deciding whether to become a member.


Membership Rates


1st Year Paddler Membership (No club vote): $80.00

Yearly Full Membership: $160.00

Yearly Family Rate: $320.00

**A family member will be considered any immediate family member sharing living accommodations with the sponsoring member, or an immediate family member that is enrolled as a student in a post secondary facility.


Membership fees are due when a member starts paddling for that season.


All paddlers must sign a waiver for Paddlesport Risk Management and TCOCC before participating in any TCOCC event, including practice.


For information, contact:

President Laura Cusack at


Treasurer Bob Peterson at